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National Coordination Proposal

Greater Manchester Coalition        Against Sanctions and War on Iraq    

Dear friends 

We are circulating the following statement which we wish to put as a joint proposal
to be distributed via the CASI discussion list.  We feel that the majority of
groups agree with us in wishing to campaign explicitly against war on Iraq and
that there may be enough agreement to have a decision making body which can:
call actions, issue press statements etc.  It should be a united front on a
minimum basis of Stop the Bombings and end the sanctions.  We feel that it should
also demand the withdrawal of troops from the Gulf.  

We feel that this is probably the best forward as a majority of groups and campaigners
agree with us but that if we set up a parallel series of meetings this may be
seen as a rival and may lose out.  We feel confident most groups will be with
us on this issue, in substance at least, possibly even in the precise nature
of the proposal.

If you can support the following declaration please write back to us, e-mail
or phone and we can add your name to the list of proposers.

After discussing the idea of a National Co-ordination with various others we
have firmed up the proposal as follows:

Continue with current NCM as a discussion forum but not a decision making body
for most of the day but have a split agenda so that one hour of the afternoon
can be used as a decision making body of a smaller sub-group to be called CASWI
(utilising the existing network set up by hugh stephens and others- we've spoken
to Hugh)- groups who feel unable to participate in this can either leave, stay
as observers but not voters, or retire to another meeting room for the duration
(or if CASWI are the smaller section we could withdraw).

This would save duplicating the time and effort already spent on attending NCMs
whilst allowing groups who are united on an anti-war basis to have a decision
making body that can call actions, send out press releases, communications with
international campaigners etc.

Proposition supported by 
Coalition Against Sanctions and War on Iraq, Greater Manchester
Voices for Justice in Iraq, Cambridge
People Against Global Imperialism, Liverpool
Jason Travis
Greater Manchester Coalition Against Sanctions and War on Iraq
Tel: 0161 8817774.  E-mail:
Address: GMCASWI c/o One World Centre, 6 Mount St, Manchester
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