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Re: 000229 U.S. State Dept. Daily Press Briefing

Wednesday 01 March 2000 London-UK

Bas "the Chunky Monkey" Kirmani asked:

>   Dear all,
>    Can someone explain the use of the term 'illegal refined
>products' in reference to the production of the 140,000 barrels
>a day at Basrah ? ( And which is still not much I understand in
>oil terms.) The implication is that the sanctions are legal and
>any defiance contrary.

It seems Iraq is only allowed to sell raw, unrefined oil
products. Refined oil products would be priced a bit higher than
the give away in the leaks/losses in the bombed pipelines.
Refined oil products would be sealed to avert leaks. Oil
refineries all over Iraq were bombed. By and large the
refineries, process plants and power stations remain damaged.
There are no spare parts to repair them. 

Parveez Syed
producer-director "Global Eye"
Alert Communications
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