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UK televison news coverage of resignation(s)

I only received a couple of replies to my message from subscribers 
to this list. It seems that you don't watch much TV - or news 
programmes at least! My colleagues (teachers) don't seem to 

It would appear that nothing about the two resignations appeared 
on any of the news programmes. It almost seems like policy on the 
part of the broadcasters. I have suggested before that I think that 
the TV media have a vital role to play. The UK government would 
find it very difficult to maintain their hard (criminal?) stance if the 
public got to see and hear a bit about the effects of sanctions. 
Apart from regular news items how about a Panorama about the 
sanctions? Anybody got any ideas on how to lobby the 

*** previous message ***

I did not see any TV last night (15th Feb) here in the UK. Can 
anyone say whether the main news bulletins on TV covered this 
story? news at 6pm, 7pm, 9pm, 11pm, Newsnight?  

Mark Parkinson

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