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Nobel Peace Laureates Explanation

Subject: Eric Yandell's apology

Dear Friends,

I'm writing to explain to you circumstances that caused a recent
misunderstanding regarding a letter which I e-mailed to a few people. The
e-mail proposed seeking signatures of a group of Nobel laureates to call for
the lifting of the economic sanctions against Iraq. I attached to this
e-mail my own imaginings of what the letter could look like. Apparently,
some people took this attached letter to be real. They then forwarded the
letter to others. I want to give my sincere apology for this mess that I

To clarify again, this letter was not actually signed by any Nobel
laureates. I drafted this letter and sent it to a few people, seeking their
advice about how to submit the text of my draft letter to Nobel laureates in
hopes that a group of them would sign it.
I somehow created this misunderstanding by not sufficiently clarifying, in
my e-mails, that this letter was a draft intended to initiate a process --
at no point had any Nobel laureate actually even been contacted yet about
signing such a letter.

I ask everyone involved to please accept my wholehearted apology for this
mistake. May I particularly mention our friends at the International
Fellowship of Reconciliation, Erik Gustafson and the Education for Peace in
Iraq Council, Kate Reuer, Pierre Marchand and Partage, Richard Deats, Rania
Masri and the Iraq Action Coalition, Professor William Thomson, Mrs. Mairead
Corrigan Maguire, and the other Nobel laureates. Please contact me at if you have any questions.


Eric Yandell

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