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Re: Letter-to-the-Editor (Washington Post Editorial)

The first group are known as the 'letter writers'. Their role is to write
letters upon request. The seocnd group are the 'advisers' who as advise the
letter writers upon request. The third group are the 'readers' who scan one
or more newspapers/magazines/web-sites and send me any articles that they
beleive require attention. Could everyone please note that each member of
each group should contact the others via me and not send messages to
everyone on the list. While I have the opportunity I would also like to
mention that we need more of you! Please! Readers are especially in
demand...if you already read a newspaper/magazine/on-line news service than
please consider putting your name down for this. You need not notify me
about ever article relating to Iraq, simply those connected with sanctions
that you feel need our attention.

Thanks to everyone who is already on any of the lists for joining!

Misbah Arif
soc-casi-discuss Letter-to-the-Editor Co-ordinator
New Hall * Huntingdon Road * Cambridge * CD3 0DF

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