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Final Word: Nobel Laureates Appeal was False

Dear Friends,

We've received final confirmation: the Nobel Peace-Prize Laureates Appeal
to end the sanctions is FALSE.  Please distribute retractions to all
individuals and lists to whom you may have sent the appeal, and please
STOP this false appeal from being distributed further.

We still have important news that we must distribute, on the other hand.
Please contact your local papers and let them know that:
        * This week, 70 US congressional officials put pressure on
        the Clinton administration to end the economic sanctions against
        Iraq. The group's spokesman, David Bonior (D-MI), described the
        sanctions as "infanticide masquerading as policy" (BBC News, 17
        February 2000). 
        * Also, this week, Hans von Sponeck, coordinator of the Oil for
        JFood program in Iraq, and Jutta Burghardt, head of the World Food
        Program in Iraq, both resigned from their posts in protest of the
        economic sanctions and the UN SC Resolution 1284.

See for AP/Reuters stories.

Please let us know what the response is from your local paper(s).

In solidarity,
-Rania Masri


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