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Albright on US-Iraq Policy (16 Feb. 00)

Source: Lexus Nexis Academic Universe

Copyright 2000 Federal News Service, Inc.   
Federal News Service 
February 16, 2000, Wednesday 11:11 AM Eastern Time 
LENGTH: 389 words 

SEC. ALBRIGHT: Let me start out by saying that our policy towards Iraq has not changed. We believe 
that a tight sanctions regime is important for the containment of Iraq so that it does not pose a 
threat to its neighbors. And we worked very hard in New York in order to get the new Security 
Council resolution on this subject, to try to get the inspectors back in on conditions where they 
can do the job correctly, not just to go in there. 

The United Nations has just named a new head of UNMOVIC, which is the successor to UNSCOM -- Dr. 
Hans Blix, who has a proven record of understanding how inspections should go on, and they are in 
the process of organizing themselves. The question is whether Saddam Hussein will accept the 
inspectors. But we have other ways of checking what is going on. 

On the Iraq Liberation Act, let me just say our second part of our policy is we are committed to 
regime change and in assisting the opposition both inside and outside Iraq. We've been working very 
hard with the opposition, and are discussing providing it first with non- lethal material and 
training. They are making progress -- the Iraqi opposition -- in organizing themselves, and we have 
been working with them. I've met with large numbers of them. So our position has not changed. We 
believe that we should be involved in containment and regime change.
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