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Liberal Party Policy Resolution In Canada

Hi All,

I thought you might like to see this resolution proposed for the
Biennial Convention of the Liberal Party of Canada. It is a "priority"
resolution! The URL to download the complete resolutions listing is :

According to the site, "All resolutions passed at the plenary session
become official Party policy." - hence government of Canada Policy!

I will try to find out more about the resolution. Anyone on this list
connections to the Liberal Party of Canada or Alberta? 

Here is the resolution :

"69. Lifting Economic Sanctions Against Iraq

WHEREAS the economic sanctions imposed on Iraq
after its last global conflict have created a greater
suffering to the people of Iraq rather than to its
political and military regimes;
WHEREAS the United Nations Security Council has
recognized that the continued economic sanctions
on the State of Iraq are futile in limiting the militaris-tic
regime’s stranglehold on the people of Iraq;
WHEREAS Canada is a strong and contributing mem-ber
of the United Nations;
BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada
urge the federal government to support a current
United Nations’ Security Council resolution to lift all
economic sanctions against Iraq."

Liberal Party of Canada in Alberta

I am not quite sure what the UN Resolution is that is mentioned - apart
from the one passed in December which has conditions on it in terms in 
terms of arms inspection and is hardly just "lifting sanctions"

I note the proposal comes from Alberta. The cynic in me says maybe the
Alberta based oil companies want to get in on the oil development/repair
action that will have to come to Iraq's oil industry eventually.


Peter Griffith :-)
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