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The Philadelphia Inquirer               2-10-2000


In the case of Iraq, the US demands strict enforcement of UN resolutions and
hundreds of thousands of Iraqis die as a result.  Madeleine Albright,
acknowledging the devastating toll of the sanctions against Iraq, assures us 
"it is worth it."  Nine years after Iraq's crushing defeat, after subsequent 
campaigns, after UN supervised destruction of weapons, and the never-ending
strangulation of sanctions, the Clinton administration continues to assert 
that Iraq
poses a threat to its neighbors. Under the leadership of the US, the murderous
siege of Iraq will continue until they prove the impossible: that they do not 
never will possess weapons of mass destruction.

In the case of Israel, the administration does not call for respect of 
law.  For 18 years the US has disregarded UN Resolution 242, whereby Israel is
directed to withdraw its occupation force from Lebanon.  The US does not use 
considerable influence on Israel to demand it return to its borders. After 
occupation forces are attacked within Lebanon, Israel retaliates against 
targets. To this aggression Clinton administration expresses "understanding 
the Israeli air assaults."   In this context Israeli Foreign Minister David 
Levy has
vowed that if Israel is attacked, "the soil of Lebanon will burn." (2/10/00
Philadelphia Inquirer).

How can anyone cause soil to burn?

This thinly veiled threat of nuclear attack is a threat the people of the 
East hear loud and clear.  Just last week an Israeli Knesset representative
courageously exposed the 300 nuclear warhead arsenal possessed by his nation.
Israel's nuclear threat against neighboring Lebanon should be roundly
condemned. The silence of the US is predictable and will encourage more
belligerent aggression. 

Weapons of mass destruction and threats by leaders to use them on their
neighbors are an urgent problem in the Middle East today. You just have to 
where to look.

Robert Allen
5 Awbury Rd.
Philadelphia, Pa 19138
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