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Re: Article in Janes Weekly re: no-fly zones

The so-called no-fly zones were imposed by the "Allies" (primarily Britain and
the US) after the Gulf War and are not recognised by the UN. When hostile
military aircraft, ie those there without Iraq's permission, overfly any part of
Iraq they are commiting an act of war, not just a violation of Iraq's airspace.
Britain and America refer to this as "patroling the no-fly zones" to give the
impression that these sorties are legal. This tactic, and other misinformation
and propaganda, clearly work: even the more respected UK news media seem to
think Britain and America have a legal right to be there.

I have complained to the BBC News, Channel 4 News and others about their
behaving as the UK Government's mouthpiece but all have claimed their reporting
is impartial and none has admitted to a mistake or deliberate deception on this
point. The BBC denied that their reporting was misleading, biased or untruthful,
even though they had:
described Iraq's own use of the "no-fly zones" as "provocation",
described the "Allies"' use of the zones as "patrolling" them,
failed to point out that the "no-fly zones" have no legality under international
and stated only that Iraq does not recognise the zones.
Even the British and US govts admit that the "no-fly" zones are illegal!

I don't know whether Jane's Weekly is ignorant, biased or both, but they need to
be educated.

Allen Hardy.

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