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War alert over Iraq?

Fellow Iraqi activists - I am wondering if others are sharing my reading that 
the US is preparing for a confrontation with Iraq over weapons inspections?  
The signs of war mongering pop up everywhere. Yesterday's Washington Post 
editorial is the lastest and clearest indication of the war-mongering 
atmosphere that is frightening me. The sense of emergency over Iraq's having 
rebuilt or now rebuilding its military sites is everywhere - the NYTimes 
reports on Defense Department aerial photographs of rebuilt military/weapons 
production sites; Cohen justifies the need for a missile defense shield by 
citing the threat posed by Iraq; the US intercepts a Russian tanker carrying 
Iraqi oil and in response increases its naval presence in the Gulf; Russia 
says that it is deploying a reconnaisance ship to the Mediterranean in 
response to new NATO moves aimed at Iraq.
     How do you read all of this activity?  All signs look bad to me. Gore 
distinguishes himself from Bradley as having been gung ho for launching 
Desert Storm. Clinton has consistently been willing to go the military route 
when pressured or when it has been politically expedient. With the 
omnipresent rhetoric of Iraq as a rogue state and Saddam as a madman who must 
be controlled to protect the world, where are we going except quickly down 
the road to bombing or even invasion?
     If others feel similarly, please respond.  I think we should be 
activating whatever emergency systems we possess.   In solidarity,  Kitty 

When activists concede the danger Iraq poses to its neighbors, we are playing 
right into the rhetoric of war.  Hans Blix honestly and forthrightly stated 
in a recent BBC interview that no weapons inspectors will ever be able to 
certify that Iraq is completely free of WMD, and that this will be a problem 
for the Security Council.  
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