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Hello everyone! I have taken up the post of soc-casi-discuss
Letter-to-Editor Co-ordinator (you may remember a mail about this post on
23/12/99 from Colin Rowat - can be viewed at My job is basically to
co-ordinate letter writing so that letters get written! For this I need
various willing groups of volunteers:
 (1) People who are prepared to write letters upon demand - how often is up
to you, just tell me how often you will be able to write letters. If
sufficient people come forward I will set up two (or more) groups of people.
You don't need to have any 'experience' or a great deal of knowledge. All
you require is a willingness to try to make a difference and a small amount
of time.
(2) People with an in-depth knowledge of the situation who can act as
advisors for letter writers (via me) by providing key facts and figures as
well as general points that should be covered (this is to make the letters
look more impressive!).
(3) People who will scan the daily and weekend broadsheet newspapers as well
as major websites (e.g. bbc online) and magazines (e.g. Time). If you
already read any of these either in paper format or electronically all you
would need to do is e-mail me with the details of the articles which require
'letter-writing'. If you are reading electronically you need only give a
web-link or cut-and-paste the article otherwise give the paper, issue, date,
page/section no and headline.

How will this work? Well, for example, person A from group 3 who scans
newspaper A finds an article related to the sanctions. They will then e-mail
me ASAP with the details which I will forward to groups 1 and 2 (or select
members of the group). Group 2 are then expected to mail back ASAP and their
advice will be forwarded to group 1. If anyone in group 1 has a particular
problem or question then they can mail me and I'll consult an advisor on the
matter. This will not be done through the discussion list - instead I will
setting up mailing lists. If would be helpful, though not necessary, if
person A mailed me if a letter was subsequently published. It is vital that
members of all the various groups act promptly.

Please note that by signing up to be a 'letter-writer' you are not given
permission to write on behalf of CASI. Nor are you obliged to only mention
those issues that concern CASI or official views of the organisation - you
are free to add your own personal perspective and views (it is for this
reason that you are not permitted to write as a representative of CASI).
This is not a "CASI activity", merely a spin-off activity from the
casi-discuss list.

Please feel free to forward this on to friends/contacts with an interest in
the sanctions even if they are not on the discussion list. You can, of
course, join more than one group - in fact if you want sign up for all
three! Don't hesitate to e-mail me if you have any queries. Thank you! I
hope to hear from many of you soon.

Misbah Arif
soc-casi-discuss Letter-to-the-Editor Co-ordinator
New Hall * Huntingdon Road * Cambridge * CD3 0DF

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