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Message from Greater Manchester Coalition Against sanctions and Bombing of 

As an urgent priority we are attempting to make links with all groups and 
individuals who wish to come to be part of a national network of campaigners 
against war on Iraq- taking on the issues of bombing and sanctions as an act 
of war.  On the 5th Feb, Market St, Manchester, we will be handing out 
leaflets for the Feb 16th  Iraqi Speaker meeting, report back from the 
recent Human Relief Foundation visit to Iraq, Friends Meeting House, 
Manchester; on the 12th some will be encouraging people to send postcards as 
part of the Voices action; on March 18th there will be a rally  in 
Manchester; and on April 8th a teach-in on Iraq at the Friends', Manchester. 
  Other events as yet not given a date are various actions around army 
recruitment offices to disrupt their recruitment and publicise the war on 
Iraq and either a national or regional conference to make contacts with all 
anti-war groups around the country and discuss the possibility of founding  
a national Campaign against War in the Gulf, to unite people who are opposed 
to this war and who do not wish to see sanctions as a separate issue from 
the imperialist attacks on Iraq.  We wish to work with people in as open, 
friendly and democratic manner as possible.  We believe the attempt to 
de-link sanctions from bombing or to support some sanctions is tremendously 
dangerous to the movement and to the Iraqi people.  One final aim, crucial 
we feel to this movement, is to make links with Iraqis, both in terms of 
visits such as the Sheffield delegation, Human Relief Foundation or Voices 
in the Wilderness sanction busting, and politically with groups such as the 
Iraqi CP or other Iraqi organisations. Jason- for more information please 
phone 01618817774

In addition, I am publishing a National Newsletter, as agreed at the 
meeting.  The first eight articles to reach me by Wed 9-2 will be printed 
(no more than a half page of A4 please) and please also send any 
announcements of events, demos etc.

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