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Re: IRAQ SPORTS: Kuwait Launch Sporting Embargo against Iraq

    That Iraq says that it lost track of its prisoners after 1991 does seem to be political 
posturing, like Israel talking about «disputed territories». The fact remains that this problem has 
to be negotiated between Iraq and Kuwait. I doubt that embargoes will increase the chance for 
better negotiations, as is the case presently between Iraq and Iran on the same matters. That is my 
«belated» take on this story.

Marc Azar a *crit :

> " Iraq admits they did take prisoners following their retreat, but claim they lost trace of them 
>during Shiite unrest in 1991 in the south of the country. "
> Typically AFP are certainly out of date as you will know from previous posts of Mark Azar.
> Also, I ask that you please note, the civilian detainees and PoWs were abducted 90-91 prior to 
>the "retreat" and were seen inside Iraqi prisons by other prisoners who were later released and 
>described their Iraqi detention centres which was all drawn by an artist and written down with 
>testimonials.  Some of those freed hostages now work with the families' Committee "N.C.M.P.A." in 
>the Emirate and liase closely with Moonirah-H.E.L.P. I personally met Kuwaiti former hostages and 
>they confirmed seeing those still awaited.
> In addition to this, during February 1998 [SDP] Baroness Emma Nicholson stated live on UK Channel 
>4 TV, she saw Kuwaiti hostages inside Iraqi prisons.  H.E.L.P. will be obtaining full details on 
>this and individuals are welcome to have copies of the info produced if you send me your e-mail 
> A. Allen
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> Date : 27 January 2000 14:54:23
> Subject : [Iraq_L] SPORTS: Kuwait Launch Sporting Embargo against Iraq
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> >
> >Kuwait launch sporting embargo against Iraq
> >Wednesday, 26-Jan-2000 3:10PM
> >
> >DUBAI, Jan 26 (AFP) - The Kuwaiti government have
> >launched a sporting embargo against Iraq in a bid to
> >free prisoners held since the Iraqi invasion a decade
> >ago, Sheikh Ahmad al-Fahd al-Sabah, head of the
> >Kuwaiti Olympic Committee confirmed Wednesday.
> >
> >“I think that we can free our brothers detained in Iraq,
> >by putting sporting pressure on the Iraqi regime,“
> >Sheikh Ahmed told a press conference in Dubai.
> >
> >Kuwait are demanding the immediate liberation of some
> >600 of its citizens and other nationals they claim are
> >being held since the Iraqi withdrawal after nine
> >months' occupation in February 1991.
> >
> >“We believe that the sports embargo played a decisive
> >role in the question of apartheid in South Africa and
> >the Israeli occupation of our Arab territories. These
> >measures had great success,“ he said.
> >
> >Sheikh Ahmed said that while Kuwait would continue to
> >participate along with Iraq in events organised under
> >the auspices of the International Olympic Committee
> >they would not participate in Arab competitions.
> >
> >“We have reservations about Arab competitions which
> >are within the scope of the Arab League, a political
> >organization, because our participation can be exploited
> > politically by the Baghdad regime,“ he added.
> >
> >Kuwait have systematically boycotted most Arab
> >sporting events in which Iraq have participated since
> >Iraqi forces invaded and occupied Kuwait for seven
> >months before their expulsion in February 1991 by a
> >US-led international coalition.
> >
> >Iraq admits they did take prisoners following their
> >retreat, but claim they lost trace of them during
> >Shiite unrest in 1991 in the south of the country.
> >
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