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Attachment:political ltr writing

This is a somewhat revised edition of the letter I sent to Hillary Rodham 
Clinton, in response to her having sent me (out of the blue) a friendly 
letter asking me to "stay in touch" either through her web site 
( or by writing.  Perhaps some of you received this 
letter, too, and might also want to raise the issue of Iraq in response.  In 
solidarity,  Kitty Bryant

5 Awbury Road
Philadelphia, PA  19138
(215) 438-4181
December 13, 1999

Dear Hillary,

I am replying to your friendly letter asking me to stay in touch with you.  
Since I
prefer letter-writing to e-mailing, I am honoring your request, and I am also
hoping  to learn where you stand on the bombing and sanctioning of Iraq.

Like you, I know it is critical that young people (and middle-aged and old 
as well) be taught the importance of standing up for what they believe. 
Throughout your terms as The First Lady, I have seen you support your
husband’s policies and so I have come to assume that the policies of William
Clinton are also the policies of Hillary Clinton.  But I sense that with this 
letter to
me you are making a claim for political independence from your husband, and
so I am very curious where you stand on what I would describe as the genocide
of the people of Iraq.

The most important issue to me today in the United States is our government’s
immoral treatment of the people of Iraq, by bombing the areas within the
deceptively-named “no fly” zones on an almost daily basis and by imposing
comprehensive economic sanctions which have strangled the Iraqi economy,
assuring a death rate of over 5,000 infants, boys and girls each month
(conservatively estimated by UNICEF studies).  US representatives to the UN
committees that control Iraq’s economy have enforced sanctions to prevent Iraq
from importing what it needs to repair its electrical, sewage, and water 
infrastructures; this lack of electricity and clean water results in the daily
needless deaths of people, especially the young and the old, who are most
vulnerable.  The foreseeable outcome of these comprehensive sanctions has been
the destruction of Iraqi society, producing a generation of young Iraqis who 
malnourished, unemployed, unproductive, depressed, and angry.  Because the
devastation is so widespread, strikes so deeply, and is the intentional 
result of US
policies, we must confront the truth: these actions constitute genocide 
against the
people of Iraq. 

You who have championed the cause of the family must speak out against this
horror that is caused by US policies.  Iraq is not a poor nation unable to 
for its people; before the sanctions were imposed, Iraq had an advanced 
system that was free to all its citizens, and its ordinary people reaped many
benefits from Iraq’s oil wealth, including a free public education system 
that was
open to women as well as men.  The US uses Saddam Hussein’s brutal
dictatorship to cover up its greater crimes; yes, the people of Iraq have 
at the hands of Saddam Hussein, but they have suffered much more grevously
from the US exercise of its overwhelming military and economic might. 

The sanctions on and bombing of Iraq are issues on which you must distance and
distinguish yourself from the policies of your husband.  The people of Iraq 
dying because of the imposition of the raw political, economic, and military
power of the United States, which feels itself exempt from international law 
the constraints of moral leadership.  I cannot imagine a better opportunity 
you to champion the cause of children and of the family than this chance to
speak out on behalf of the children and families of Iraq.

Please write me, so I can learn your position on Iraq.  Only after taking 
this into
consideration will I be able to decide whether I could contribute to your 
campaign.  I write on my behalf and also on behalf of a number of my friends
who feel similarly about the importance of reversing US policy in Iraq, and 
urge you to demand of the current administration: Stop the Bombing and End
the Sanctions (without condition and without the re-imposition of arms
inspections).  I look forward to your thoughtful reply.


Kitty Bryant

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