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Information request

I am a student of philosophy at the University of Hagen, Germany, and am
presently preparing for an oral exam on whether or not the economic
sanctions against Iraq are justifiable from an ethical point of view.
I have a number of questions and would be very grateful for any help in
answering them:
- Where can I find information on the explicit positions of Iraq’s
neighboring countries (Turkey, Jordan, Saudi-Arabia, Iran, Syria,
Lebanon) concerning the sanctions?
- Does anybody have precise statistics referring to the dead, wounded,
and lost on all sides (Kuweitis, Iraqis, and soldiers of the
international alliance) during the Gulf war?
- I have read the CASI report “Starving Iraq: one humanitarian disaster
we can stop”, including the article of Lamia al-Gailani. She writes
about having seen a mushroom cloud in the horizon while visiting Iraq,
being told that it was caused by the UN destroying weapons. Does that
mean that the UN inspectors simply blew up the weapons they had found in
Iraq instead of dismantling them?
Thank you!
Leila Kais

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