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Re: [Iraq_L] Iraq Demands Information From Kuwait

        I guess that the «logic» in war has always been that when you are the
loosing party, you're not allowed to ask any questions that the winning side
doesn't want to hear.

    As for the second part of your post, I presume you refer to the more than
100 000 Palestinians who were expulsed manu military from Kuwait after the
war, mainly because of Yessir Arafat's siding with Iraq after diplomacy
failed (or was made to fail, depending on your interpretation of events) to
get Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait. Although some Palestinians collaborated
with the invaders, several Palestinian people in Kuwait (in fact the
majority) and in the diaspora decried Yessir's position at the time. While
Amnesty International and other human rights organizations did provide
regular information on the plight of those thousands of Palestinians killed
or expelled from Kuwait after the war, the administrations in the U.S. and
the U.K. never said anything. As you know, they are on record as stating that
«the death of 500 000 children under five is worth the price» so a couple
hundred thousand Palestinians....

    I believe, but I could be wrong on this, that since Palestinians were
considered at the time not as full Kuwaiti citizens  but as simple guest
workers, like 70% of the population there unless born and living in Kuwait
since the 1920's, then they weren't considered as having any rights to

    Btw, the reason I posted this was not to bring back historical quarrels
but rather as an informational piece. I wasn't aware that 605 Kuwait were
still held in Iraq before I subscribed to SOC-CASI last Spring, no more then
I was aware that Iraqi citizens were still being held in Kuwait today.

Marc Azar

nelsbacon a *crit :

> A couple of questions......
> Has the United States ever provided the Iraqi government with
> information as to the idenities and locations of the bodies of the
> thousands of Iraqi soldiers the US Army used bull dozers to bury alive
> in the desert?....And disclosed the identities of the  thousands of
> victims in the "Highways of Death Slaughters" committed by the US Air
> Force as George Bush's finale to his War of Mass Destruction and his
> bombing of Iraq "Back into the Stone Age"?
> Has the Kuwaiti government ever provided any national agency/government
> or the UN with detailed information as to the identities and
> dispositions of the hundreds/thousands of non-Kwaitis they tortured,
> imprisoned, killed or who were forced to leave Kuwait after the Iraqis
> departed from Kuwait?....and was there a complete accounting of --and
> compensation paid for...all real and personal properties, bank accounts,
> etc.  confiscated by the Kuwaiti government from those individuals and
> their families?
> nels bacon

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