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> United Nations S/RES/1284 (1999) 17 December 1999.  RESOLUTION 1284 (1999)
> Adopted by the Security Council at its 4084th meeting, on 17 December 1999
>                           The Security Council,
> Recalling with concern that the repatriation and return of all Kuwaiti
> ======================================================================
> and third country nationals or their remains, present in Iraq on or
> ===================================================================
> after 2 August 1990, pursuant to paragraph 2 (c) of resolution 686 (1991)
> =========================================================================
> of 2 March 1991 and paragraph 30 of resolution 687 (1991), have not yet
> =======================================================================
> been fully carried out by Iraq,
> ==============================
> Recalling that in its resolutions 686 (1991) and 687 (1991) the Council
> demanded that Iraq return in the shortest possible time all Kuwaiti
> property it had seized, and noting with regret that Iraq has still not
> complied fully with this demand,
> Acknowledging the progress made by Iraq towards compliance with the
> provisions of resolution 687 (1991), but noting that, as a result of its
> failure to implement the relevant Council resolutions fully, the conditions
> do not exist which would enable the Council to take a decision pursuant to
> resolution 687 (1991) to lift the prohibitions referred to in that resolution,
> Reiterating the commitment of all Member States to the sovereignty,
> territorial integrity and political independence of Kuwait, Iraq and the
> neighbouring States,
> Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, and taking
> into account that operative provisions of this resolution relate to
> previous resolutions adopted under Chapter VII of the Charter,
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 11/11/99
> H.E.L.P.
> UK
> Dear Moonirah,
> I wanted to thank you for the book about the Kuwaiti detainees and the
> other documents you gave me when we met last month.  The interviews
> with the relatives of the missing show all too clearly the extent of
> their terrible suffering.   We will continue to do what we can here to
> draw public attention to this issue, and to put pressure on the
> Government of Iraq to account for their whereabouts.
> You may be aware that the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in
> Iraq, Max Van De Stoel, has just released his Interim Report for this
> year.  The Report highlights Iraq's refusal to attend the tripartite
> Commission meetings and Van De Stoel calls on Iraq to release
> immediately all those being held.
> I have drawn these points to the attention of our Embassies abroad,
> for use when questioned by the press and public.
> The Report is also available via the UN website on the Internet. ~~~
> I have also been asked to reply to your e-mail to Baroness Scotland.
> As I said when we met, Government Ministers make every effort to raise
> awareness of the Kuwaiti detainees.
> Unfortunately on the occasion to which you referred in your letter, the
> Minister was to some extent constrained by the questions being asked
> and time limits.  You may be interested to see the Hansard for the last
> Debate on Iraq in the House of Commons.  Geoff Hoon, then F.C.O.
> Minister of State with responsibility for the Middle East, drew the
> House's attention to the issue of the Kuwaiti missing and the suffering
> of their relatives.  I attach a copy.  ( Omitted from envelope. )
> Finally, let me add that I would be happy to try to arrange a call for
> you at our Embassy in Kuwait when you next visit.  Our Ambassador there
> is the UK representative at the Tripartite Commission meetings and he,
> and his staff work closely with the Kuwaiti Government on this issue.
> I look forward to hearing how your campaign is proceeding -
> do keep in touch.
> ( Personal greeting extracted. )
> Jane Bailey
> Middle East Department
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> For further information regarding press knowledge of these issues contact:-
> Al Anbaa, Al Rai Al Aam, Al Watan, Western Mail, South Wales Echo, The Times,
> Daily Record, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC TV, BBC Wales Today News, BBC Radio Wales,
> Red Dragon Radio and UK Talk Radio as they have covered H.E.L.P.'s PoWs issue.
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> If using Arabic, in the Middle East and/or Gulf areas, please contact:-
>              K.N.C.M.P.A. Fax:5527061. Tel:5526081/5526080.
>              PO Box 299, Sabah
>              Al-Salem 44000,
>              The State of Kuwait
>              Families' Committee for 605 hostages/pows/missing in Iraq.
>              Chairman:His Excellency, Sheikh Salem Al Sabah.
>              N.B.     "Constant prodding is having an effect" -
>              US/UK viewpoint sent to Moonirah of H.E.L.P. in the UK.
> Cardiff-born Moonirah has been invited to meet the British Ambassador in Kuwait.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> H.E.L.P. has attempted to encourage all concerned parties to collectively unite.
> If humanitarian campaigners and/or political activists wish to see further F.C.O.
> correspondence regarding the Kuwaiti and third-national detainees issue that has
> been blocking the 'full lifting' of sanctions against Iraq for nine years and
> continues so to do, please e-mail "The H.E.L.P. Worldwide Campaign" direct:
> E-mail address:  <>
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> To Newsgroups from: Moonirah - H.E.L.P. Voluntary Humanitarian Co-ordinator.
> " Hostages' Envoys for Liberty of Prisoners "  in Iraq.
> A British initiative of an international humanitarian effort,
> highlighting the plight of the 605 third-national and Kuwaiti
> hostages plus PoWs, still incarcerated by Saddam in Iraq since
> illegal abduction from "The State of Kuwait" during 1990-1991.
> 605 = 499 innocent civilians and 106 poWs - not 'combatants', as
> they were 'off duty' police officers and military taken from beds.
> Former hostages, released since 1991 DID see the awaited detainees
> inside Iraqi Detention Centres and information about these hostages
> trickles out of Jordan and Egypt. British ex-hostages used as Iraq's
> human shields for Saddam are going to be filmed by UK Channel 4 TV,
> in The State of Kuwait when thanking kind people of the Emirate who,
> risking their own lives, fed and protected them.  Alas, many of the
> Kuwaiti civilians were later also taken hostage and are still held,
> including teenage boys who had been en route to pray at their Mosques.
> Also, there were women and many elderly people taken from their beds.
> We believe that detainees are still alive, God willing - however, we
> do demand that if ANY are deceased, then Iraq must account for EVERY
> prisoner's end, providing documentary evidence and DNA proof.
> H.E.L.P. has humanitarian support of "The Welsh Centre for
> International Affairs" and "The Cardiff United Nations' Association",
> as well as tv, radio plus press in the UK and Arab countries 1998-1999.
> Relatives of the detainees still held 1999 by Saddam in Iraq,
> reside in England, Scotland, Wales and 8 other countries.
> Foreign Secretary Robin Cook signed a letter 19/03/98 confirming
> "Sanctions cannot be lifted until this issue is resolved."
> H.E.L.P. does NOT advocate sanctions against any nation, the world
> knows that the U.N. imposed such during 1990. We hope that all of
> the "humanitarian" issues will be seperated from the world politics
> of weapons' inspections, in oreder to both stop suffering of innocent
> Iraqi civilians AND suffering of 605 innocent human beings still held
> against their will by Saddam's regime in Iraq since 1990-1991.
> Moonirah visited Kuwait during February 1999 to personally meet people
> previously held as hostages by Saddam, as well as the traumatised
> relatives of detainees still incarcerated in Iraq. Whilst there she
> examined evidential documents, Testimonials, Iraqi Official Orders
> and many colour photographs of the barbaric atrocities carried out as
> rapes, tortures and murders of innocent civilians in Kuwait by Iraqi
> Armed Forces plus CID personnel 1990-1991, prior to retreating and
> driving a convoy of stolen Kuwaiti vehicles heavily loaded with
> private possessions and domestic items stolen en masses from Kuwaiti
> homes, some of which were later found on stalls for sale inside Iraq.
> H.E.L.P. Co-ordinators are not professional persons doing this as a
> sort of 'job', we are just concerned human beings who know that kind
> Kuwaitis protected and fed our own British ex-patriates before all
> were taken as hostages and 'human shields' to Iraq. Sincerely concerned
> that the "subject matter" should not be marginalized or forgotten,
> H.E.L.P. was initiated in the UK at the end of 1997 to re-address the
> balance of global focus, being very glad that there had always been
> innumerous world groups and organisations battling for the sake of
> innocent Iraqi civilians inside Iraq - however, if 'humanitarians' do
> care for the whole of 'humanity', surely it is only fair to consider
> lives of the 605 awaited detainees, incarcerated for the past NINE YEARS,
> wanted home by their loved ones in eight countries, including England,
> Scotland and Wales.   Forget ?   Abadan !    Remember ?   Daiman !!
> ***************************************************************************
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