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RE: [ADC-ITF] another delay on the B-D proposal vote

Hi All,

Here is a great tactic that we borrowed from elsewhere.

In Austin yesterday, we sat in front of a cooperative food store with a
table with four plates with the daily ration of an Iraq family, small
child's partly filled milk bottle, and pictures of Iraqi's. There was
additional literature on a nearby bench.

We signed up 48 people in two hours to call our congressman today with a one
sentence message about the Conyer and Campbell letter being distributed
today for signatures. Most of the people who agreed to make calls tomorrow
were people who haven't been active before on this issue. They will call
every 10 minutes all day long.

We did this on Thanksgiving eve when there was lots of last minute buying.
In two hours, we got 96 people(again mostly people new to being active on
this issue) to call every 10 minutes for two full days saying that "In the
last 10 minutes one Iraqi child has died as a result of the sanctions and
today around 200 will die".

Jere from Austin

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