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Iraq Rejects UN Resolution, With Or Without Amendments-Paper

Iraq rejects UN resolution, with or without amendments: paper
 Tuesday, 14-Dec-1999 4:40AM Story from AFP

BAGHDAD, Dec 14 (AFP) - Iraq will reject a UN Security Council draft
resolution on a conditional suspension of sanctions even if amendments are
made to win Russian support, official newspapers warned on Tuesday. 

Al-Jumhuriya said the amendments were "devoid of content" and only
designed to avert a Russian veto on the British-drafted resolution which
would restore arms control over Iraq. 

"They were simply introduced to satisfy the demands of Russia and China as
well as the French formula, which wants to achieve a consensus," the
newspaper said ahead of the postponed vote in New York. 

Britain has put the vote off until Tuesday at the earliest, as the
Security Council discussed last-minute amendments. 

The resolution would set up a new arms control body, unconditionally
remove the ceiling on Iraq's oil exports, and ease restrictions on its
imports of humanitarian supplies. 

It would also offer Iraq the chance to have other trade sanctions
suspended if it cooperates "fully"  with the arms inspectors and makes
progress on key disarmament tasks to be defined by the inspectors. 

Russia wants more precise criteria to be set, fearing that hardliners
Washington and London will never acknowledge Iraqi cooperation. 

The vote was originally due on Friday, after months of wrangling. Then it
was scheduled for Monday, before Britain's ambassador to the United
Nations, Jeremy Greenstock, decided to allow more time for consultations. 

"Iraq's rejection will remain complete so long as this resolution does not
satisfy its most fundamental rights for an immediate and total lifting of
the embargo," in force since the 1990 invasion of Kuwait, said

Another official daily, Al-Iraq, urged the Security Council to improve its
relations with Baghdad. 

"To establish good relations with Iraq, the Security Council has no choice
but to respect its commitments under Paragraph 22 of Resolution 687," the
paper said. 

It was referring to the link between a lifting of the embargo and the
elimination of Iraq's banned weapons of mass destruction, a condition
which Baghdad argues has been completed. 

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