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Ambassador Peter Burleigh On "Oil-For-Food" (3 Dec. 1999)

Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 15:08:22 -0600 

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U.S. Department of State 
Ambassador A. Peter Burleigh 
Deputy Permanent Representative 
U.S. Mission to the United Nations 

"Oil-for-Food" Security Council 
December 3, 1999 
Oil-for-Food Program 

The United States has a deep and enduring interest in the welfare of Iraqi citizens living under 
the regime of Saddam Hussein. We took a leading role in shaping the Oil-for-Food program from its 
original conception shortly after the liberation of Kuwait in 1991. We note with satisfaction the 
documented success of this important humanitarian effort. Oil-for-Food is the largest humanitarian 
assistance effort in 
United Nations history, and it has brought about a significant 
improvement in living conditions for the civilian population throughout Iraq. 

As all of you know, normal United Nations operations are ongoing 
throughout Iraq. Despite the Iraqi government's unjustified recent decision to curtail authorized 
oil production and exports, large quantities of humanitarian supplies continue arriving in the 
country on a daily basis. There has been no disruption of humanitarian assistance under the 
Oil-for-Food program, and it is a matter of the utmost importance that the program continue without 

For that reason, we applaud the action the Council has taken today in acting to extend phase VI of 
the program for 7 days, through December 11. This resolution ensures that essential humanitarian 
assistance can continue while the Security Council prepares for adoption of a comprehensive 
resolution on Iraq next week. Adoption of that resolution, which includes many important provisions 
bearing on the next Oil-for-Food program, will clear the way for action on a full 6-month extension 
of the program a week from now. That resolution will represent the culmination of many months of 
work by the Council, and needs to be in place before we turn our attention to authorizing a full 
phase VII of Oil-for-Food. 

We also commend the leadership of the Office of the Iraq Program in managing the Oil-for-Food 
program, especially in light of the obstacles recently erected by the Iraqi regime. We call upon 
the government of Iraq to cease the cynical posturing we have seen over the past 2 weeks, to resume 
authorized oil production and exports without delay, and to cooperate fully with the program during 
the coming week and in the future. 

In closing, I could recall that the Oil-for-Food program, as 
established by the Council in Resolution 986, is a temporary measure. It was never intended to 
usurp the primary responsibility for meeting civilian needs in Iraq, which continues to reside with 
the government of that country. The United Nations has been compelled to take this temporary 
measure because of the blatant disregard which the Iraqi regime has demonstrated for the well-being 
of the Iraqi people. The United States will continue to support the uninterrupted continuation 
of this program as long as it remains necessary for the international community to address urgent 
civilian needs which the Iraqi government chooses to ignore.
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