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315 days

According to the following AFP report the Anglo-Dutch resolution, in its
current form, "lays down a minimum period of 315 days after a vote on the
resolution before sanctions can be suspended".

Full text follows :

 Saturday, December 4 8:36 PM SGT 

Iraq rejects oil-for-food extension as Russia refuses to show hand
BAGHDAD, Dec 4 (AFP) - 
Iraq on Saturday rejected another extension of the UN oil-for-food deal
and kept its oil off the world market, as Washington set its aim on a
Security Council vote on sanctions and disarmament within a week.

Russia, meanwhile, declined to show its hand on a British draft resolution
which has divided the Council for several months.

"Everybody knows that a week-long extension of oil contracts is neither
practical nor logical," a foreign ministry spokesman said, quoted by
Iraq's official news agency INA.

"As Iraq did not accept the two-week extension, it can not accept the new
extension," he said.

The Security Council decided on Friday to extend the humanitarian
programme by one week in place of the normal six-month term, following a
two-week extension in November.

Oil Minister Amer Mohammad Rashid, speaking in Cairo, attacked the move as
"a complete farce" and said Iraq would continue to suspend exports, which
were halted on November 22 in protest at the first extension.

Britain and the United States supported the latest extension, while the
other major powers in the Security Council either abstained or did not
take part in the vote.

The United States said the new extension would allow enough time for a
vote on the British draft resolution next week.

It "ensures that essential humanitarian assistance can continue while the
Security Council prepares for adoption of a comprehensive resolution on
Iraq next week," said US deputy representative in New York, Peter

But China, France and Russia complained that the extension was artificial
and an attempt to stampede the talks on the comprehensive resolution.

The oil-for-food accord allows Baghdad, which has been under sanctions
since its 1990 invasion of Kuwait, to export oil to finance humanitarian
imports under UN supervision.

Iraq is still waiting for Russia to announce its stand on the British
draft on sanctions and arms control that Baghdad rejects, Deputy Prime
Minister Tareq Aziz said.

"We await a decision from Russia informing the other Security Council
members that it will not allow implementation" of the draft, said Aziz,
who visited Moscow this week.

But a Russian foreign ministry official, contacted by AFP, said Moscow
would not reveal its stand until the time comes for a vote. "We do not
intend to reveal our position in advance," the diplomat said.

The draft calls for a suspension of sanctions on condition that Baghdad
cooperates with a new disarmament panel.

Baghdad, arguing its banned weapons of mass destruction have already been
eliminated, insists on a full and unconditional lifting of sanctions and
has already rejected the British draft.

According to diplomats at the United Nations, the timing of a suspension
of sanctions and the powers of a new disarmament body are holding up

The draft calls for a suspension only on the basis of full Iraqi
cooperation with arms inspectors and progress on "key tasks" remaining in
the disarmament effort.

It also lays down a minimum period of 315 days after a vote on the
resolution before sanctions can be suspended.

But Russia wants the period to be shortened to around three months and the
15-member Security Council to limit the mandate and powers of the new
disarmament panel.

An official Baghdad newspaper accused France on Saturday of siding with
Britain and the United States at the United Nations in planning a "new
aggression" against Iraq.

"France's attitude to the British draft resolution at the United Nations
proves to us that France is associating itself with a new aggression that
is being prepared against Iraq," said Al-Jumhuriya.

"France is an accomplice of the British resolution," it said.


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