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Manchester report

Message from Greater Manchester Camapaign against the Bombing and Sanctions on Iraq

We have been following the debates closely on the discussion list and regularly using
information in our twice weekly vigils and petitionings.  We have kept up petitoning
and collecting twice weekly for the last twelve weeks and the Wednesday vigil will
continue coming up to its twelve monthly mark soon.  The Saturday petitoning/ awareness
raising is going down to two Saturdays a month, 2nd and 4th, starting 11th December
outside Tesco's on Market St, though we'll be missing out the 25th for obvious reasons
and will be lobbying one of the local Mps Keith Bradley on the 8th January.  

Basil Landau is coming on Saturday, 4th December, to the Co-ordinators meeting in
Cambridge whilst others of us will be holding a stall and workshop on Iraq at a Committee
For Peace in the Balkans Conference in the Friends' Meeting House, Manchester. (If
anyone has got succinct text for leaflets could you send me a copy?)

Would it be possible to hold the next Co-ordinator's meeting in the North, somewhere
like Bradford, Sheffield, Manchester or Liverpool as there are very active campaigns
in all these cities?

Can closer links be made with other organisations campaigning on iraqi issues? For
example, advertising the findings and news of  The Mariam Appeal, which while London
based may prove useful links with Scotland through Galloway being an MP.  After all,
the Bust to Baghdad driven by Galloway was a big event in Egypt and other Magreb
countireis as well as in Iraq.

>From the 2nd of December the Bradford based Human Relief Foundation are sending an
humanitarian and research delegation out to Iraq.  In January , Dr Ramadhani from
the team is scheduled to talk to a public meeting in Manchester, precise date and
venue to be confirmed, possibly tying in with a projected talk by John Pilger on
the subject of depleted uranium and its devastating effects in Iraq and the Balkans.

Oldham National Union of Teachers (for whom I am the Publicity Officer and also International
Liaison Officer) have passed a motion condemning the bombing of Iraq, supporting
a public rally against this and the sanctions (held in Market St, Manchester, September
18th) and circulating the 'voices in the wilderness' petition to all Oldham schools.
 I am sure that association would support a school twinning project if anyone has
any contacts or useful information for this.

Are there any other ideas/ suggestions of futrue activities/ events/ links to help
raise the profile of Iraq and the anti-sanctions and anti-bombing camapign?

Finally, could someone please print this off and take to the meeting on December
the 4th to circulate?

Many thanks
Jason Travis
on behalf of Greater Manchester Coalition on Iraq
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