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Clare Short on Depleted Uranium

The following is the text of a letter received from Clare short, the
Seretary of State for International Development on the issue of Depleted
Uranium. It was in response to a question raised by Sir Cyril Townsend at
the UNICEF UK National Committee annual lecture. 

Date 23 november

To Sir Cyril Townsend

"We are not in fact undertaking or aware of any research into the health
implications of shells tipped with depleted uranium. We are discussing with
WHO Geneva the possibility of our contributing to the costs of projects for
the whole of Iraq for improving health planning, developing training links
and improving research into the treatment of emerging diseases such as
cancers. At present we have only outline proposals which have recently been
approved by the Government of Iraq."

Clare Short

Perhaps those of you who are more up to date on the Depleted Uranium issue
than I am could advise on the contents of a follow up letter. It seems to
need one. 

Chris Doyle

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