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More waffle hiding truth of not easing sanctions

> BAGHDAD, Nov 18 (Reuters) - Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tareq Aziz said on
> Thursday that U.N. Security Council discussions on Iraq were based on an
> Anglo-Dutch proposal which Baghdad rejected completely.
> ``The British-Dutch draft is bad and cheating, has not any positive aspect and
> maintains the embargo on Iraq forever,'' Aziz said, referring to the latest
> consultations in New York by the five permanent members of the Security Council
> -- the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China.
> The talks, which began last week, aim at reaching a solution to the diplomatic
> impasse on Iraqi arms controls and the sanctions imposed on Iraq for its 1990
> invasion of Kuwait.
> ``Iraq rejects any resolution which does not meet its legitimate right to have
> the embargo lifted,'' the official news agency INA quoted Aziz as saying while
> meeting a Russian envoy.
> INA said Aziz received a message from Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov on
> the Security Council debate. It was delivered by the ex-Russian ambassador to
> Iraq Nikolai Kartuzov.
> The council is divided over a draft resolution initially proposed by Britain
> and the Netherlands that would merely ease sanctions in return for Iraq's
> acceptance of a new arms control regime.
> It would lift a ceiling on how much oil Iraq could sell as soon as a new arms
> commission was set up. It would also suspend sanctions on Iraqi exports and
> imports after Iraq answered some key questions on its weapons of mass
> destruction.
> Russia and France want a more flexible approach, saying Iraq should make
> progress in implementing arms demands but without a requirement to achieve
> specific results, diplomats in New York said on Wednesday.
> ``The two sides expressed their desire to continue their talks on the
> development of the current consultation at the Security Council,''
> INA said of Aziz talks with Kartuzov.
> 09:15 11-18-99

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