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ONE massive issue

> British volunteers of H.E.L.P. aim to submit their own new Resolution by
> January/February to the Cardiff United Nations' Association that would
> be forwarded to the London 'UN Association Office' then via our own
> British Government to the Security Council of United Nations in New York.
> This idea was discussed by Moonirah with one of the Committee Members of
> Cardiff United Nations' Association last night after the public meeting:
> "The Sanctions Crisis in Iraq", Temple of Peace, Cathays Park, Cardiff.
> e.g.
> "Sanctions to be lifted on Iraq - babies, children and adults dying daily.
> Saddam release all 605 hostages and PoWs abducted from Kuwait 1990-1991.
> Weapons embargoes to continue with political games of UN and Saddam."
> Furthermore, all people in Wales who attended the meeting on Wednesday 17th,
> hopefully left their names and addresses so that Richard Jones' office can
> arrange a future "DISCUSSION" and a collective 'action' plan can be made.
> All parties around the table, whatever aspects and angles they come from -
> just as I said to Rabab Ghazoul on having initiated the meeting.
> Anybody with CASI have a better idea please ?  This ONE massive issue.
> p.s.
> The event was publicised as "A Public Meeting & Discussion" in Cardiff,
> therefore many persons attending were disappointed that "discussions"
> as such, were not actually allowed to take place. The Chairman informed
> the audience that any observations could be made 'outside' in the lobby.
> Democracy and freedom of speech reigns in the UK ?  I think not !
> Salam, Moonirah.
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