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Research to Strengthen the Anti-Sanctions Movement

The Center for Global Analysis
2161 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA  02140
Telephone: 617-492-4570
Fax: 617-354-2832  

Strengthening the Anti-Sanctions Movement by Conducting, Compiling, and
Disseminating Research on Current U.S. Policy and the Situation in Iraq

The Center for Global Analysis (CGA) is a research and advocacy
organization recently formed by a group of researchers and peace advocates
in Boston, Massachusetts. CGA was created in response to a lack of
much-needed analysis and research in the Iraq anti-sanctions community. 

The anti-sanctions movement has relied heavily on eyewitness accounts and
UN humanitarian reports to state its case to the public, media, and policy
constituencies. On the other hand, proponents of current American policy
have written extensively on the need to continue pursuing a hard-line
policy toward Iraq. Recent policy papers that have been floating around
Washington, DC, such as the Washington Institute for Near East Policy's
"Iraq Strategy Review" and the U.S. State Department's "Saddam Hussein's
Iraq," as well as policy journal articles, make recommendations that range
from continuing economic sanctions and long term containment to military

Moral and humanitarian arguments, though important, are not enough to
counteract such analysis and change the sanctions policy and the public's
perception of it. Pro-sanctions analysts and policy makers dominate the
public debate on Iraq, and unless their arguments are thoroughly analyzed
and critiqued, these policies will remain entrenched.

By conducting, compiling, and disseminating research on current U.S. policy
and the situation in Iraq, CGA hopes to bridge the gap between the world of
activism and the world of academia. 

Current Projects:

1. The Oil for Food Deal as the Permanent Solution? 
*  Are stated goals being met? What exactly is U.S. policy? 
*  Sanctions as a tool: Historical analysis 
*  Humanitarian impact
*  Sociological and psychological impact: Current and long term 
*  Saddam Hussein's internal and external policy plans: Analysis and
feasibility assessment
*  Weapons of mass destruction: Likelihood of rebuilding. 
*  Alleged warehousing of food and medicine: Analysis 
*  Dual-use goods and technology: Analysis and recommendation 
*  Defining military sanctions 
*  Defining economic sanctions 
*  Deterrence as a policy option 
*  De-linking economic and military sanctions - Can military containment be
achieved after    economic sanctions are lifted. 

2. "Getting Rid of Saddam"- Arming the Opposition and Pursuing a Roll-back
Policy: Analysis and 

*  Pros and cons
*  Likelihood of replacing current regime with one that respects the rights
of the Iraqi people
*  The human cost
*  Potential regional fallout and long-term effects

CGA Methodology:

CGA will not try to "reinvent the wheel" by conducting independent research
on topics that have   already been extensively researched by experts and
academics. Instead we will rely on this   research as factual evidence for
our analysis. To ensure that our analysis is foolproof, we will
frequently solicit the advice of leading experts in the fields of public
health, economics, law, international relations, sociology, psychology and
other disciplines. In making these contacts, CGA will also be cultivating
these experts as possible allies in the struggle to lift sanctions. 
Critical to CGA's work is a close relationship with the anti-sanctions
community. Regular interaction with leading activist organizations such as
EPIC, FOR, and AFSC will allow CGA to be in a better position to meet their
informational needs. 

WHAT we will offer:


CGA will be an invaluable behind the scenes resource for people engaged in
lobbying. We will provide research papers and sourced materials to
lobbyists and distribute CGA material to policy makers ourselves. With the
full weight of research, analysis, policy recommendations, and advocate
networks behind them, lobbyists will be more effective at what they do. 

Rapid Response Network: 

"Knowing the facts" puts us in a position to quickly refute questionable
statements by government officials, State Department reports, and media
articles with a spin. Our responses will be disseminated to the media and
activists within 24-48 hours to ensure that well-researched, alternative
positions are available immediately.

Grassroots Education: 

Based on activists' needs, CGA will disseminate sourced talking points and
summaries of research material to activists. Activists will in turn pass
those points and summaries on to the communities in which they live.
Multi-faceted education that goes beyond appeals to morality and that
addresses the fears of the general public is the key to creating more
widespread opposition to sanctions.

Additional Resources:

*  Circulated articles about specific issues, e.g., if water boiling could
drastically reduce mortality in Iraq?

*  Briefing books with articles, op-eds, essays, and other written
materials that can serve as a    library and educational packet.

*  Materials for activists attending events at which policy makers will be
present, including    pointed sample questions to ask during q&a sessions.

*  Well-crafted letters to the editorial boards of major newspapers and

*  A frequently updated informational Web-site containing links to research
sources, bibliographies  and summaries of relevant articles and books, as
well as CGA reports. 


CGA is a newly developing organization. We need researchers, advisors,
sources, and more. To become involved in CGA or to learn more, please
contact us!

Nathaniel Hurd, a CGA board member, is traveling from Boston to attend the
upcoming CASI conference.  If you are at the conference, and have any
questions about CGA's work or the organization itself, Nathaniel will be
happy to answer them.  Please also feel free to E-mail us at any time.   

The Center for Global Analysis
2161 Massachusetts Ave. 
Cambridge, MA 02140 
Telephone: 617-492-4570 
Fax: 617-354-2832

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