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National Call-in days for Iraq

Below is a model for telephoning MPs in a coordinated way


Any questions or comments about this proposed action can be directed to Stacia at or 956-488-5810(work), 956-487-0058(home).

At the National Organizing Conference it was suggested that we hold National Call-in days to inform 
our members in Congress that they have numerous constituents who are concerned and outraged at the 
effects that the Economic Sanctions are having on the people of Iraq. 

Instead of a typical call-in however, it was discussed that something reminiscent of what happened 
in the Office of the President at Northwestern University may be more meaningful.  Calls would be 
made to Congresspeople at specific times.  The caller would identify him or herself as a 
constituent and then let the office know that six more Iraqi children under the age of 5 have died 
again this past hour.  The caller would be equiped with a fact/myth sheet and suggested actions for 
congresspeople. If encouraged or engaged in conversation the caller can
respond intelligently in a factual, helpful, and concise manner. 
How often your particular congresspeople receive a call depends upon the number of volunteers you 
can get.  IDEALLY - For two weeks in a row; one new caller every ten minutes from 8:00am until 
5:00pm.  This way you could say that in the last ten minutes another Iraq child under the age of 5 
has died.

Now I realize this is the extreme.  If you can get enough volunteers so that calls can be made on 
the hour or on the hour and half hour, that would be powerful as well.

Originally, these calls were going to be made for two weeks, just before, during, and after the 
Pope's visit to Iraq.  However, since the visit has not yet been confirmed and dates have not been 
set (at least not to my knowledge) we are discussing other possiblities.  Maybe during December or 
January in rememberance of last years escalation in bombings, if all else fails we can do it in 
conjunction with other actions taking place during
the February rememberance of the bombing of the Amiriya Shelter.  
Currently we are asking activists from the same counties and states to come together and beginning 
getting volunteers who will agree to make the phone calls.  Once this mobilization occurs, it will 
be easy to send out fact sheets and have the call-in begin.

None of this is in stone. Please feel free to contact me with any
suggestions for improvement of this action.

Peace & Solidarity,

Nathaniel D. Hurd
The Center for Global Analysis (CGA)
2161 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140
CGA Telephone#: 617-492-4570

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