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Re: News for the week ending 31 October

> Thanks, reference the item relating to a difference between UK and U.S.
> During my appointment with the British Foreign Office last Friday it was
> confirmed that my Government is not participating in the 'overthrow' of any
> country's leader, even such as Saddam but does support the concept to INDICT SADDAM.  > Also, the 
>new Draft Proposal recently tabled by Britain with support of the
> Netherlands and America, is precisely worded as to include the specific Security
> Council requirement that Saddam/Iraq must comply with the TRIPARTITE COMMISSION
> charged with the locating and releasing of all listed third-national plus Kuwaiti
> hostages and PoWs. This is necessary as Saddam/Iraq boycotted meetings with the
> U.N. and International Red Cross, as well as the U.N. 'special expert panel' was
> formed after a Security Council decision 31st January 1999 in order to investigate the
> outstanding 'humanitarian' issues of Kuwaiti detainees in Iraq, incarcerated since
> illegal abduction 1990-1991, for use by Saddam as human shields. Again, it was
> confirmed that although "suspension" and/or "partial lifting" of sanctions is
> discussed within the U.N., sanctions cannot be LIFTED until this issue is resolved,
> which is a fact that has been included in the text of Official Press Releases often
> issued by the British Foreign Office that media and press omit when choosing to focus
> on the weapons' inspections and continue stories speculating about sanctions - copies
> of which are being provided to me. Please remember U.N. Resolutions 1154 (1998) and
> 687 (1991) both demand release of 605, as did the Gulf War 1991 Cease-fire Agreement.
> However, British Channel 4 TV are making a film with British ex-patriates who are
> former-hostages held in Iraq and are all being taken to 'The State of Kuwait' to
> thank the people there for assisting them in staying alive when Saddam invaded
> 2 August 1990, despite the fact that many Kuwaitis who protected, fed and hid them
> were themselves taken forcibly away from their homes because they gave HELP to
> foreigners/westerners which was punishable by imprisonment or death.
> The UK based international humanitarian organisation H.E.L.P. is now encouraged by
> this development with Channel 4 TV which broadcast Emma Nicolson during February
> 1998 stating that she saw Kuwaiti hostages inside Iraqi prisons when delivering
> humanitarian aid after Gulf War II. For security reasons I cannot state the dates but 
> I have been invited to meet with the British Ambassador in Kuwait soon on return to
> the Emirate, but before that I am invited to meet with the Kuwaiti Ambassador in
> London. British General-retired, Sir Peter De La Billiere is participating in a
> march and rally of the Countryside of Wales here on November 7th, so I shall ask him
> whether he will please lend his voice to highlight the plight of the 605 detainees
> in Iraq whom he referred to in his best seller book "Storm Command" on page 317,
> stating: In retrospect we should have held out until all civilians were repatriated.
> Yes, and because they did not there are 605 families, including residents of Wales,
> Scotland and England still awaiting their loved ones to return home to freedom from
> incarceration in Iraq !
> We are most sincerely grateful to CASI for issuing this contribution from H.E.L.P.
> Moonirah
> UK resident, British national.
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