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Re:iraq rebels to be trained

 Any US plans to train a Iraqi opposition force is not a welcome sign.
When the US encouraged a an overthrow of Saddam Hussein during the 'Gulf
war' they were hoping for an 'internal coup' ideally from  inside the
military, a man who would retain an iron grip on the country but refrain
from threatening US interests in the Gulf. However when the uprising
came it was led by tens of thousands of iraqi people in the north and
south. The Kurdish people took control of a large section of northen
Iraq. Washington was not predisposed towards any political figure or
organization in Iraq if one had emerged strong enough to replace
Hussein. But the fundamental interests of the western powers and the US
clients in the region coincided with certain interests of the Baathist
regime in Baghdad: none wanted the mobilizations in iraq to continue;
none wanted a wider fight for Kurdish autonomy; none wanted a prolonged
period of political instability in Iraq and most importantly none wanted
the opening of more political space in which Iraqi workers and peasants
could organize, resist, and set an example for other the many other
oppressed populations in the region. In conclusion then, US interests
lie in forging stronger ties of US domination with a subjugated Iraq, if
the US is now training/backing an Iraqi opposition force in it can only
be for one of to reasons. It is either a facade, or through contacts in
the Iraqi military ( the report mentioned two fromer officers were to be
trained) the US is exploring the possibilty of  replacing one Hussein
with another in a coup d'etat. In other words return Iraq to it's
pre-Kuwait invasion state. A US client that waged a brutal war against
Iran (backed by the west, or more correctly pushed) and carried out a
long history of murderous assaults on the Kurdish people as it still
does today. Many others have commented on this issue. I felt it the
issue needed some context and historical perspective although there is
still a lot more to say.


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