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Iraqi rebels to be trained in U.S.

Dear Friends,
Following is the text of a report which appeared on
the teletext of German TV station "3Sat" at 18:58 on
Thursday October 28th. The text is my own translation
from the German original, so please excuse the

The United States are stepping up their support for
the Iraqi opposition: Iraqi rebels have been invited
to participate in a training course for elite U.S. Air
Force soldiers.
According to the New York Times, the participants
include two former Iraqi army officers.
The 10 day course concerns the organisation of armed
The United States are also supplying the largest
opposition groups with office equipment such as Fax
machines, photocopying machines and furniture, to a
total value of 2,2 million Dollars.
This is the first stage of an aid programme worth 97
million dollars.
Official sources have ruled out supplying weapons for
the time time being.
Has anyone seen the NYT article mentioned?
Does anyone know which Iraqi groups are involved?

Peace, Sean

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