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Benon Sevan / targeted nutritional programmes

Dear Eric, as I'm sure you've guessed, Mark Urban probably took his
comments that Benon Sevan believes that Iraq is preventing the operation
of targeted nutritional feeding programmes in S/C Iraq from a
selective reading of Sevan's comments to the Security Council on 26 August
1999 (introducing the 90 day report):

    "I very much regret the very long time it has taken the Government
of Iraq to finally conclude contracts for targeted nutrition
programme under phase IV, which ended nine months ago, on 23
November 1998. We have just been advised to expect to receive the
third and last contract application during the coming days, bringing
the total value of contracts for therapeutic milk (1,500 metric
tones)  and high protein biscuits (4,800 metric tones) to $9,481, 000
dollars. An equal amount has been allocated under distribution plan
for phase V; the allocation for targeted nutritional feeding
programme under phase VI is about $6.2 million. 
       Accordingly, there has been no targeted nutritional feeding 
programme in the center/south of Iraq under the programme provided by
resolution 986 (1995)."

However, Sevan goes onto to say that this is not the only factor in the
humanitarian catastrophe:
"We should not, however, be simplistic on this very serious issue.
Targeted nutritional feeding programmes on their own will not
reverse the trends so starkly described in the recent survey. The
Security Council Committee has a crucial role to play in expediting
the approval of applications which have a direct impact on the health
and well being of children. What is required is an all out effort to
approve most expeditiously applications submitted under the water
and sanitation, health and electricity sectors."

Best wishes

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