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Talabani: US policies do not lead to the liberation of Iraq

I thought this might interest list members since it is often said in
articles concerning sanctions that Kurdish leaders oppose the lifting of
sanctions. Jalal Talabani clearly states both that sanctions must be
lifted and Saddam removed. However, he is understandably critical of
U.S. gestures in the latter direction which involve superficial support
for political groups in exile and little substantive support for those
operating within Iraq. The source is:

Ben Rempel

Talabani: US policies do not lead to the liberation of Iraq
Kurdish Media - Sep 29, 1999

In an interview with Al-Zaman Newspaper (issue Sep 28,1999) Jalal
the leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), played down the
of the US administration in its approach to change the regime in Iraq.

In reply to a question whether he agrees with the US foreign office 
initiative in bringing groups of Iraqi oppositions to New York, Talabani 
said, "coming to New York was not accomplished by American initiative
but achieved by the Iraqi oppositions initiative and originally we
in it with the co-ordination of the 'Higher Islamic Committee for
Revolution' and other Iraqi forces working in the homeland, including
Iraqi Communist Party and the "Movement of Islamic Unity in Kurdistan".

Oppression of parts of Kurdistan under Saddam's control

In this context Talabani said: "The meeting with Mrs Albright was clear
frank. We made it clear to her that the Iraqi people are suffering under
oppression, displacement and under the current depopulation of Kurds and 
Turkman from Khanaqeen, Kirkuk, Makhmoor and other parts of Kurdistan 
controlled by the Iraqi regime.

We also expressed to Mrs Albright that the Iraqi people are suffering
the dictatorial policies implemented by the regime in Baghdad. We asked
the activation of the UN resolutions that are in favour of the Iraqi
and not just focusing on the resolutions that are related to the
of weaponry. We emphasize the importance of implementations of the UN 
resolution 688 that is emphasizing the human rights and the resolutions
relate to the oil-for-food programme in an appropriate manner that may
the Iraqi people.

In addition, we asked the end of the suffering of Iraqi people and
of the sanctions on the Iraqi people and bypassing the regime in

We asked her to send international missions to monitor the humanrights 

We found Mrs Albright responding very positively to all what we asked."

Removing Saddam's regime

In the context of American plan to remove Saddam from power,Talabani
"...we are not against 'liberation of Iraq' but we object to the US
that do not lead to the liberation of Iraq and we have expressed that
opposition groups that are based abroad cannot liberate Iraq."

"The outside conspiracies cannot liberate Iraq and we believe that
oppositions should emanate from the homeland and should be ready for 
democratic changes in the Iraqi nation and not be a tool of outside 
conspiracies whether it is American or others."

In reply to a question whether the PUK has received any help from the
allocated to the Iraqi oppositions by the US Congress, Talabani replied
in a 
humorous manner, "thanks god we have not and we shall not receive a
dollar of this help."

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