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Stupid Toronto Star Editorial

    Indeed, Canada should be working to ease Iraq's anguish and
genocidal policies that have befelt the country by will of the world's
last super rogue state, the U.S.. It was mainly the U.S.,  in 1980, that
forced the Iraqi leadership, then its good old pal, to enter into a
catastrophic war with its Iranian neighbour, in order to defend the
frightened Gulf sheiks of possible repercussion from the Shiite
revolution. During this conflict, the U.S. did not hesitate to then
change sides and arm the opposite country, Iran, in order to create a
stalemate which would leave the two coutries (Iran-Iraq) with more than
1 million dead. It was also the U.S. that would promptly defend, at the
UN with its veto power, Iraq 's use of never gas against the Kurdish
uprising at Halabja, in 1988. And of course, lets not forget the April
Glaspie trap setup which mentioned in 1990 the the U.S. did not see fit
to interfere with what it considered at the time «other countries
internal problems», concerning threats made by Saddam Hussein to invade

    After the U.S. caused so much devastation and death in the region,
it is amazing that Canadian editorial writers would still be cheering
for the wrong guys on this matter. Especially when all facts point to
continued lies and deception on the Iraqi matter by the sole world super
rogue state. The IAEC, Scott Ritter, and several specialist have all
been on record as saying that Iraq's weapons of mass destruction have
been eliminated. We cannot say the same of the U.S.' possession of such
weapons. The U.S. is, after all, the sole world super rogue state to
have used an atomic device on a civilian population in the history of
man kind.

    And it is the U.S. ' Madeleine Allbright who was quoted has saying
that the death of 500 000 thousand Iraqi children under the age of 5 was
worth the price, as a result of imposed sanctions on the Iraqi

    Wow! Incredible how there is so much love and concern here for human
life on the part of the U.S. administration.

    In light of this, why is Canada acting as U.S.' lap dog and trying
to prolong genocidal sanctions against the innocent Iraqi people?
Contrary to what the Toronto Star's editorial writers propose, Canada
should ask for the end of bombings, the end of sanctions and the end of
fraudulent spy filled inspections on Iraq that have gone on for the last
ten years and at the human cost of more then 1,2 million Iraqi lives.

    The UN humanitarian program «oil for food» is simply insufficient to
respond to Iraq's most basic and urgent needs. The UN has admitted so
itself in its last humanitarian panel report on sanctions. And with
present catastrophic economic conditions prevailing in Iraq, due to
almost ten years of harsh and sustained genocidal sanctions, the country
cannot produce more than 3, 2 billion barils of oil per six months. The
Stars solution to allow Iraq to sell about $10 billion worth of oil a
year is simply hogwash and science-fiction.

    If the UNSC is serious about so called threats to world peace of
weapons of mass destruction, it should impose the same rigid inspection
it has befelt on Iraq for the last ten years to the entire Middle East.
But then, where would our sole world super rogue state export its own
weapons of mass destruction to?

Marc Azar
Montréal Québec
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