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French proposals on Iraq on the web

As you may be aware, the aftermath of the US/UK bombing of Iraq last
December led to renewed activity within the Security Council, including
attempts to draft resolutions outlining new ways forward.  Russia and
France quickly prepared texts, followed by the British-Dutch proposal.  My
understanding is that Russia and China now support with French text, with
the US supporting the Anglo-Dutch proposal (along with many of the
non-permanent members).

The French Embassy in the UK has posted details of its proposals to their
website at,

A precis follows.  I add editorial notes in []
1. New Control Commission

A new "Control Commission" would replace Unscom and assume Unscom's
responsibilities.  It would retain professionals from "as many different
nations as possible", the UN itself would employ them, and the
Commission's funding would be increased. [seems designed to increase the
CC's independence]

2. Mechanism for suspending the sanctions

Once the Secretary-General indicated that the CC was in place, operating
and supported by the Iraqi Government, civilian (non-military, non-dual
use) sanctions would be suspended for 100 days.  The Security Council
could continue the suspension in 100 day phases if the S-G continued to
indicate approval.  The S-G could unilaterally decide to restore the
sanctions. [presumably sanctions' lifting still governed by SCR 687]

3. Comprehensive supervision (transparent account and five controls)

The S-G would design a mechanism to ensure that, once sanctions were
suspended, military and dual-use imports did not occur.  UN monitors would
verify Iraq reports of oil sales, customs experts would inspect imports,
the Iraqi Central Bank would use a "transparent" account established by
the S-G; the IMF would monitor Iraq's balance of payments.  Two customs
experts would have ten days to place a hold on proposed Iraqi imports,
otherwise they would be permitted; appeals would be ruled on by three new

4. Humanitarian measures

[these seem to refer to the case in which sanctions are NOT suspended]

The Humanitarian Panel recommendations to be fully implemented, where
possible.  The export cap fully lifted.  Spare parts approved more
rapidly; the Sanctions Committee deciding on humanitarian contracts within
two working days.  Foreign companies to work in Iraq under UN control
(revenues into the escrow account).  A suspension of the interest payments
on funds in the escrow account.  A "green list" of approved items (food,
meds, agricultural and educational supplies), importable upon notification
of the S-G.  Escrow account can purchase local (Iraqi) goods.  Iraqi
cultural isolation reduced, pilgrimages allowed.  1/3 of funds to
Compensation Fund loaned to humanitarian accounts (repayable).

5. Prisoners and missing persons from the Gulf war

Cooperation by the Government of Iraq with the International Committee of
the Red Cross.  Iraqi property abroad remains frozen until S-G indicates
complete Iraqi compliance. 
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