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Quote from the Pope

    I need help in locating a quote the Pope made on the situation in
Iraq, denouncing the sanctions and the UN policies as genocidal.

    The extract I have is in French, in the hopes some of you understand
it. What I need is the reference of the quote in question, when and
where it was said. I admit I'm not even sure it's part of only one
single quote. It could well be a juxtaposition of several different
ones. Anyway, it will be used in a 5 pages article that we would like to
publish as an op ed piece in Montreal newspapers on the fifth or sixth
of August. Those dates were chosen as to coincide with the bombing of
Hiroshima. So here it is:

" Les sanctions de l'ONU contre le peuple irakien ne sont rien d'autre
qu'une guerre biologique contre une population civile...Comme gens de
foi, nous avons honte.  Honte que l'action de l'ONU dont la mission est
de renforcer la paix, puisse si délibérément s'employer à massacrer sans
cesse des civils innocents...  des faibles et des innocents ne devraient
pas payer pour des fautes dont ils ne sont pas responsables."


Marc Azar
Voices of Conscience
fn:Marc Azar

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