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"Iraq is Re-Arming!!! Oops ... No, They're Not"

One of the best sources of Iraqi news (other than Harriet's updates) is
Yahoo's digest (
where, sometimes, the juxtaposition of headlines is more informative than
the news stories themselves.  Consider the following contradictory pair:

-  Baghdad Weapons Programs Dormant - Washington Post (07/15/99) 
-  Iraq Rebuilding Weapons Machine - (07/15/99) 

The Post story (just released - see
quotes an administration official who says, "we have seen no evidence of
reconstruction of weapons of mass destruction."  However, there's a Faustian
bargain lurking, which implies that Washington may be willing to forego
renewed arms inspections ... so long as the sanctions remain in place:  

"Administration officials agreed that no inspections is better than any
compromise. 'The status quo has the virtue (sic) of keeping the sanctions in
place,' an administration official said. Arguments from the other side that
Iraqis are suffering increasing deprivation as a result of the sanctions are
exaggerated, the official said."

Drew Hamre
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
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