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Re: House of Commons Debate (circulated by Daniel Blaney, 30/6/99)

I refer to the comments made by Harriet Griffin which are
insulting, inaccurate and misleading. She quotes me incompletely
from my adjournment debate on the 29th June 1999. The full passage
reads "I shall start by telling the Minister what I'm not going to
talk about. The character of the Iraqi regime has been effectively
carpet bombed on many occassions by hon. Members throughout the
House. In the 15 minutes available to me, I do not intend to add
to the many statements, speeches and interventions on the subject
that I have made over the years. I hope that my hon. Friend will
take them as read. However, I note that paragraph 14 of the United
Nations Security Council Resolution 687 demands the establishmnent
of a middle east free of weapons of mass destruction. I support
that goal and call for the Iraqi regime to forswear such weapons,
as I call on Israel - which sits atop an easily verifiable
mountain of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons - to forswear
them also."

In an adjournment debate a Member has only 15 minutes to make
their arguement. I referred to the "many statements" etc I have
made over the years to the "character of the Iraqi regime" and
asked the Minister to take them as read. If Ms Griffin would like
to consult the Hansard records over many years she might find what
she's looking for.

After all I was an opponent of the Iraqi regime as far back as the
1970's; long before those now justifying the mass murder of the
Iraqi population had woken up to it's "character". 

George Galloway MP 
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