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Requesting Insight

Hello All.

Over the next 4 weeks or so I'm going to be doing some research for a
disarmament NGO that will eventually be used in a paper on oil-for-food.
Before I started I thought I'd tap into the great minds that have been
fueling these lists, that is if you'll allow me to.  This could also provide
some basis for discussion, though there's certainly no shortage of that at
the moment.  Here are the specific areas of inquiry I'm interested in for
this work (some have been addressed to some extent already - I apologize for
the repeat):

1) Economic conditions in the northern governates vs. southern and central
governates: reasons for the differences (gov't vs. UN policy; input per
capita ratio...etc.)?

2) The refusal of Iraq, in some cases, to accept aid (especially food
donations from other Arab countries)

3) Details on the effectiveness of the Government's management of the
agricultural sector: ineffective?

Unfortunately, this research is for a fellow who is quite pro-sanctions, so
this job is weighing heavily upon my conscience.  This is the reason for the
accusatory, or what I might call "shift of blame" tone of these questions of
inquiry.  They are nonetheless relevant.  I have been assured that the paper
written, which will draw on this research, is to be mainly expository,
though I recognize even fact-based works have spins.  On the upside, my
employer has explicitly expressed his eagerness to recieve criticism from
humanitarian groupies like myself.

Anyway, I'll be searching around for tidbits that help provide answers to
the above mentioned topics.  Any offers of insight, including resources,
personal opinions, views experiences and the like are enormously

Thanks a million.

Andrew Loucks
The Global Movement to End the War
against Iraq -
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
"Where once the student was taught that the
unexamined life was not worth living, [s]he is now
taught that the profitably lived life is not worth
examining." - Benjamin Barber

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