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AI EXTRA 101/98 US/UK/IRAQ Fear of indiscriminate killings (fwd)

Another Amnesty International Urgent Action case about the bombing of
Iraq has been issued:

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Date: 19 May 99 12:28:40 -0400
Subject: AI EXTRA 101/98  US/UK/IRAQ   Fear of indiscriminate killings

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PUBLIC                                             AI Index: AMR 51/81/99
                                                             19 May 1999

Further information on EXTRA 101/98 (AMR 51/110/98, 16 December
1998) and follow-ups (AMR 51/112/98, 17 December 1998, AMR
51/114/98, 18 December 1998, AMR 51/117/98, 23 December 1998, AMR
51/31/99, 18 February 1999, AMR 51/40/99, 3 March 1999) - Fear of
indiscriminate mass killings of civilians in Iraq


At least 39 civilians, including women and children, have reportedly
been killed as a result of US and UK air strikes since the beginning
of April 1999, mostly within the northern air exclusion zone. Scores
have reportedly been injured and several houses destroyed.

On 29 April, 20 civilians, including women and children, were
reportedly injured and several houses destroyed when a laser-guided
bomb hit the al-Wahda district in the northern city of Mosul. US
military sources reportedly said that US forces had been targeting
Iraqi radar and air defence systems.

In another strike the next day, a shepherd and six of his family
were killed in their tent near Mosul. A UN humanitarian official who
visited the area confirmed the killing of the shepherd and his
family. Two civilians were said to have been killed and 12 others
injured when US warplanes bombed Iraqi missile sites near Mosul on
3 May.

Between 9 and 11 May 1999 five people were reportedly killed in
bombing raids near the southern city of Basra and on 12 May 1999
laser guided bombs, reportedly targeting Iraqi missile sites and
radars, hit farmers' tents near Mosul killing 12 civilians. Three
children were said to have been killed when a residential quarter
in the Naharawan area of Mosul was hit, also on 12 May 1999.   

UK government officials have replied to Urgent Action network appeal
writers saying that US and UK forces had been acting in self-defence
and making great efforts to avoid civilian casualties. Amnesty
International has also received several letters from the US and UK
governments making the same point. However, the organization remains
concerned that US and UK forces may have given insufficient
consideration to the proximity of civilians to military targets,
resulting in indiscriminate or disproportionate impact on civilians. 

emails/telegrams/telexes/faxes/express/ airmail letters in English
or in your own language: 

- expressing concern that in spite of assurances given by US and UK
government officials civilian deaths and casualties continue to be

- asking them to urge their forces to take the utmost consideration
of the proximity of civilians; 

- asking them to urge their forces to refrain from attacks expected
to cause incidental loss of civilian life "which would be excessive
in relation to the direct military advantage anticipated."    

(Time difference = GMT - 5 hrs / BST - 6 hrs)


Bill Clinton
[Salutation:Dear President Clinton]
The White House
Office of the President
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington DC 20500
Telegrams:       President, Washington DC, United States America
Faxes:           + 1 202 456 2461

Lader, Embassy of United States of America, Grosvenor Square, London
W1A 1AE. Fax: 0171 409 1637

PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Please do not send appeals after
19 June 1999.

+ If you have any queries about this Urgent Action or about +
+ the UA scheme in general, please contact:                 +
+   Ray Mitchell / Becky Hess                               +
+   Amnesty International UK Section                        +
+   99 - 119 Rosebery Avenue                                +
+   London EC1R 4RE      email:           +

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