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Re: Compensation Fund

Hi All.

Below is an Associated Press report that was distributed over the Iraq Task
Force list about a month back.  It should answer some questions about the
compensation fund.  As it stands now, 30% of Iraq's oil-for-food revenues go
to compensation, but I think the humanitarian report that just came to the
security council a few weeks back called for a reduction.  It's also
interesting to read the UN SC resolutions to hear about such things as
oil-for-food well before they actually exist.  If you read 687, you'll see
that a major identified need for the oil-for-food setup is the need to force
Iraq to pay reparations (no matter how miserable the Iraqi people are).

Andrew Loucks
The Global Movement to End the War against Iraq
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

                  U.N. OKs $174M Claim Against Iraq

                  Friday, March 19, 1999; 5:29 a.m. EST
                  GENEVA (AP) -- A key U.N. panel has ruled that Iraq
                  will have to pay an additional $174 million to
                  companies that suffered losses resulting from Iraq's
                  1990 invasion of Kuwait.

                  The total approved by the U.N. Compensation Commission
                  Thursday includes $128 million to 45 Kuwaiti firms. The
                  remaining amount goes to corporations based in other
                  countries, said U.N. spokeswoman Therese Gastaut.

                  The latest amounts come on top of $2.73 billion already
                  approved by the panel for payment to individuals,
                  companies and governments.

                  Compensation awards approved by the 15-nation
                  commission are paid from Iraqi oil sales approved by
                  the U.N. Security Council.

                  The commission has received a total of $240 billion in
                  compensation demands from individuals, governments and
                  corporations seeking compensation for deaths, loss and
                  damage caused by the invasion of Kuwait, which led to
                  the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

                  Processing the claims is expected to take several more

                        (c) Copyright 1999 The Associated Press

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of humanity"   - Jean Vanier (sp?)
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From: Mark Tribe <>
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Date: April 16, 1999 4:34 AM
Subject: Compensation Fund

Dear All,
Does anyone know of any good sources of info on the compensation
fund. How much the've given out, to whom, how much is still needed to be
paid out, how much is in the fund at the moment? Presumably when sanctions
are lifted the compensation fund will get no more input.


Mark Tribe

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This is a discussion list run by Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq.
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