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Re: Put the Foreign Office on trial !

In my opinion the daubing of paint on a government building will have
a negative effect on the campaign against sanctions.
As a publicity stunt it will attract attention  from the media , but
it will be short-lived and will only damage our cause .Many ordinary
people are prepared to campaign within the limits of the law and will
even break the law in certain ways but will not support the use of
vandalism .
   Some people ( and I would suggest quite large numbers ) will drift
away from the campaign rather than be associated with it , and it is
numbers that really matter here , it will mean fewer people at rallies
, fewer letters written to politicians and fewer votes threatened to
be lost .
If there are enough people at rallies then the media and the
politicians will have to take notice .   MPs want to keep their jobs
and  when they feel threatened  they will be prepared to act .
Many people will not want to be associated with any form of illegal
activity and yet are 100% sincere in their desire to see sanctions
lifted .
Take a look at the media coverage of any protest  ,  despite the
several hundred law-abiding protesters the pictures are of the few
who cause trouble . Can one then expect the ordinary Joe Public to
attend a rally or listen to a talk ?
I can understand the frustration involved when so often there is
little or no media coverage given to an event but this type of
publicity  will not swell public support , in my view it will have the
opposite effect . 
 We need public support and not to alienate them by us being seen as
vandals and criminals.

Grayham Chayney
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