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" Saddam Hussein is to blame" paraphrase from B.N. Zachariah's E-mail.

I thought i'd contribute a less orthodox view: 

The USA (or Western capitalists) and Saddam are in it together. Saddam
(the Muslim Sunni)is unpopular with his people (the majority of which are
Muslim Shia). So they want to overthrow him (through  political
opposition). If such a thing were to happen, the new national leadership
would be an ally to the Iranian government ( which are also Shia ). The
Iranian government is not an ally of the USA at present and doesn't seem
to have any desire to be, so it is not in the interest of the USA/West
that the Iraqi people should set up a government of their choice whether
it be democratic or not. So what does the USA/West do? They keep a
dictator in place who will take care of the people for them, and prevent
the spread of a revolutionary Islamic Shia wave across the Middle and Near
East which is much more threatening in economic and ideological terms than
one mad man taking over some oil wells.

What about the bombing? 
One  convenient way to rally the people behind the (oppressive) regime
of Iraq just when the opposition is thinking of overthrowing well
as distracting the world from the promiscuous behaviour of a certain 


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