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Re: Put the Foreign Office on trial !

Grafitti is one of the most widely used forms of political protest. I
think one might reserve the term 'criminal damage' for something more
spectacular - bombing a building, for instance. Of course, legal terms are
not meant to be particularly accurate as far as their descriptive
capacity is concerned.

I think we are in danger of being immunised to the enormity of the
criminal damage being done in Iraq (I think it's much more parliamentary
as a term than 'murder'). We have seen and read so much bland print that
Her Majesty's buildings, His Royal Highness' tangos and the trauma of
British civil servants unable to cope with the sight of red paint become
much more exciting and real.

On the subject of electrodes and genitals, surely it is not necessary to
remind a British citizen (though legally, I understand the expressions is
'subject', or am I behind the times?) that Britain is one of the largest
and best-respected purveyors of torture equipment in the world.
Economists will tell you that Britain is a producer of services, not

Ben Zachariah

(speaking for myself).

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