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Re: Put the Foreign Office on trial !

>...the causing of criminal damage to Her Majesty's buildings.

This, of course, is the kind of thing that policemen say in court.  We
don't need lawyers to use the same hyperbolic language. We're talking
about some red paint splashed on a wall, for god's sake. 

> As a citizen, I object to people causing disgraceful acts of vandalism.. 
> As a law student, I object to people deciding that they can break the
> law whenever they choose.  

As a citizen, Alan could vent more of his anger on the illegal vandalism
of Iraq. As a lawyer, he ought to know that the law changes from week to
week - there is nothing permanent about it, and it certainly doesn't
require our respectful awe.

> It is nonsense to say that the individuals concerned risk six months in
> prison... Even if they are jailed, it will be for a very short period.  

People can go to jail for far less than criminal damage. Alan should spend
'a very short period' in jail and then testify to its democratic
> Thank God they are facing a fair trial in open court..

I agree that this trial probably will be a small affair, but Alan should
not make too many assumptions about British Justice in general; Birmingham
6, Winchester 3, Guiildford 4, Casemount 6...

Lawyers tend to come from the class of people who never sit on the wrong
side of a magistrate's bench. Consequently, they believe the ideal picture
described in their textbooks. Alan might be less enthusiastic if he'd ever
tried to defend himself, with no legal training and no legal aid, in front
of a vicious stipe who believes everything the police say.

> The judge cannot but do his duty and convict these people.

Thank you, Judge Bates. It's comforting to know that we needn't listen to
any evidence.

J Vernon

(Not speaking for CASI or Milan Rai)

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