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re Letter writing campaign

Dear EJC,

Many thanks for your "letter-writing campaign" suggestions.

I already wrote to my MP (Conservative) and did get a reply. It was the
usual "it is Saddam Hussein who is depriving the children of food and
medicine" etc. However, he also wrote: "I do not believe that bombing alone
will solve the problems we have in the area". I wonder what else he has in
mind - perhaps he doesn't know?!  Maybe WE should try to be more proactive
in thinking of alternative scenarios?

I shall write this time to Menzies Campbell. Perhaps there is more
flexibility in the Lib Dem position? I'd like to find out. I feel they may
be less absolutely entrenched in self-created myths than the other two

I would also like to ask: what about other countries? I am rather uneasy
that other countries, especially those that are traditionally human-rights
conscious like Sweden, just don't seem to care. At the government level, at
least. But I must confess I don't know for sure. Does anybody know whether
there are groups in other countries, like ours, that are aghast at the
humanitarian disaster? My view is that "coalition" policy will only change
if there are serious protests from overseas. Unfortunately, in spite of
early indications to the contrary, the British and Americans seem to have
got away with it and sensitised the world to bombing Iraq.

Look forward to your views, everyone.

Mark Calderbank

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