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an observation...

I meant to post about this yesterday. I was very struck by the discussion
on the radio yesterday morning about the impending "banana war" -
imposition of limited trade sanctions on the UK and other EU countries by
the US. There was the US representative saying "we regret this but British
intransigence has left us with no alternative - they've had plenty of
opportunities to comply with our demands but refused them all". And there
was the British government representative saying "It's unfair, it will
damage the livelihood of innocent people who have nothing to do with the
banana issue, there is an international forum for resolving such disputes
but the Americans seem prepared to ignore it..."

When did I last hear such things said about sanctions, and which side were
the British politicians on then?

Rachel Muers                           
Clare College, Cambridge
Deliver me, O my God, from the multitude of words with which I am inwardly
afflicted in my soul... For I am not silent in my thoughts, even when I
am silent in my words.           (Augustine of Hippo, "De trinitate")

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