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Student Call to Action Against U.S. / U.N. Imposed Sanctions Upon Iraq 

Dear fellow students,

For more than a century, student movements have had an important place
the agents of social change.  Students have a history of fighting for
and justice.  In the 1960s, students spurred debates in Congress about
war in Vietnam and led the protests for peace.  Students also struggled
against discrimination and racism-both in the civil rights movement in
U.S. and in the fight to end apartheid in South Africa.  Now, in the
there is another war we must end; another struggle for peace and justice
which we, as students, must make our voices heard.

For more than eight years, our government has been waging a silent war
against the people of Iraq.  This month, the US-led sanctions will kill
4,500 infants and toddlers, according to UNICEF reports.  Today, this
will kill 250 people in Iraq, as it did yesterday... and as it will
tomorrow.  Since 1991, more than one million people have died due to the
scarcity of food and medicine and the spread of water-borne diseases -
direct consequences of the sanctions.

Since 1991, United Nations agencies and independent human-rights
organizations have been reporting on the devastating impact of the
on human life in Iraq.  Four years ago, UNICEF reported that:
"Sanctions are inhibiting the importation of spare parts, chemicals,
reagents, and the means of transportation required to provide water and
sanitation services to the civilian population of Iraq. ? What has
increasingly clear is that no significant movement towards food security
be achieved so long as the embargo remains in place."

And what is our government's response?  When asked on "60 Minutes" about
death of half a million children in Iraq - more children than died in
Hiroshima, Madeline Albright responded "we think the price is worth it."

We say NO!  The death of one child is a death too many.

As Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Edward Herman, and Edward Said recently
stated, in their national call for action, "The time has come for a call
action to people of conscience. We are past the point where silence is
passive consent-when a crime reaches these proportions, silence is

We refuse to be silent in the face of this war.

We denounce the trade sanctions against the people of Iraq as immoral,
illegitimate and contrary to fundamental principles of humanity and
rights. We demand that Congress and the President immediately end the
ongoing sanctions war against the people of Iraq.

We support the University of Michigan's Student Assembly which passed a
resolution in January condemning the sanctions against the people of

We call upon all students dedicated to peace to join the growing
movement to
end the war against Iraq. Get more information on how you can help end
war by sending an e-mail to  Check our website at .

It was the collective voice of the students that woke our nation to the
horror of the Vietnam War.  We must once again issue the wake up call to
conscience of our nation.


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