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Re: Reply to Eric Herring & LIST ADMIN

Thanks for your message, Eri. Two administrative points:

1)  The email address you gave for Denis Halliday is out of date. If
anyone needs his current address please contact me as I have it but I'm
not sure he'd appreciate me giving it out on public list. 

2)   In order to ensure the smooth running of the CASI discussion list,
could I suggest people bear in mind the following:

- please don't send messages with attached files to the discussion list.
  reasons: a) many people on the list have email accounts on centralised
              university systems so i) can't easily read attachments and
              ii) have tight disk space allowances so don't appreciate
                  large attachments
           b) attachments won't in general appear in the list archive
  solution: Quote relevant text in the body of your email and/or
            mention how to obtain the document in question
            directly from someone or someplace.

- if you have a small question the answer to which is likely to be only of
direct interest to you (e.g. what's xxx's email address) then try asking
CASI directly on before consulting the entire
discussion list. We're happy to help!

Comments about the way the discussion list works / how you think it could
be improved are very welcome - please email me directly ( 
or if you have any! 


(discussion list manager & other CASI things)

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