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"Using force is not our preferred mechanism"

And other dubious statements (extracts)

(AP) RIYADH - Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: "There have been 70
violations of the no-fly zones by the Iraqi regime and 20 hits or
attempts to hit our pilots,'' Albright said. "We regret the stray
missile in Basra that killed some civilians, but we believe that it is
essential for the no-fly zones to be protected and for our pilots to be
able to defend themselves when they are attacked''. "Using force is not
our preferred mechanism,'' Albright said of current tensions with Saddam
over northern and southern no-fly zones. Albright stressed that the
United States intends to "contain (Saddam's) potential aggression" but
also work to improve the condition of Iraqi civilians by expanding the
U.N.-approved oil-for-food program.

(AFP) During a brief visit to Cairo Wednesday, Albright said "Egypt and
the United States share three fundamental goals: preventing Iraq from
threatening its neighbours, blocking Saddam Hussein's efforts to
reconstitute or use his weapons of mass destruction and easing the
sufferings of the Iraqi people."

(ABC) Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon called the Iraq strategy [under
newly expanded rules of engagement] one of an "aggressive, determined,
day-in, day-out attack." 

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